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Spider-Woman Graphic Novel Volume 2 Shifting Gears Civil War II

USD $ 15.99

(W) Dennis Hopeless (A) Javier Rodriguez, Veronica Fish (CA) Javier Rodriguez. She may be a mom now, but Jessica Drew is still kicking butt and taking names as the sensational Spider-Woman ably assisted by the babysitting Porcupine! And parenthood wont stop her from tangling with the baddest fish in the sea: Tiger Shark! But when the Marvel Universe erupts in a second Civil War, Jess has plenty of reasons to stay on the sidelines this time. First, she has history a with the major players on both sides. Then, of course, theres her bouncing baby boy to consider. But Spider-Woman has never been one to be benched for long and when a startling new case lands in her lap, keeping herself out of the conflict becomes impossible. When it comes time for Jess to take a stand, will it be with or against her best friend, Captain Marvel? Collecting SPIDER-WOMAN (2015) #8-12. Rated T+.