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Pop Office Space Bill Lumbergh Vinyl Fig

USD $ 12.99

If you enjoy working on the weekends, wearing as much flair as possible, and losing your stapler, the Office Space POP! figures are not for you. But, if you fight with your office printer, if your boss hassles you about covers for TPS reports, and if you protect that red Swingline stapler the way a momma bear protects her cub, these are the POP! figures you need. Peter Gibbons really doesn't want to go to work over the weekend but Bill Lumbergh is going to do his best to make it happen anyway. Milton Waddams is still looking for his stapler, and Joanna would rather watch Kung Fu than talk about about her required fifteen pieces of flair. Collect them all to help get past the 9 to 5 grind. Each figure stands 3 3/4' tall and features Funko's stylized design. Window box packaging..

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