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FCBD 2019 Captain Canuck Equilibrium Shift #1

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The world was saved as its hero fell. Who will pick up the pieces? Michael Evans, the charismatic and genius leader of Equilibrium, has tasked himself to protect the world and rebuild it in the wake of the global attack from the Borealis. But without the aid of his brother Tom, who's heroic sacrifice saved the world, is Michael in any condition to handle the weight of the world on his own? Enter a new Captain Canuck, but just who is behind the mask? Find out in this FCBD issue of Captain Canuck! This FCBD issue will give readers access to Michael's Equilibrium logs for an overview of the world as it is now and how it came to this point. Also, providing a sneak peak to new happenings and heroes that will come to the forefront! Your perfect jumping on point to the adventures taking place in Captain Canuck Season 5: Equilibrium Shift! Rating: All Ages.