Top o’ Dave’s Stack – Wednesday 6/19

Morbius_The_Living_Vampire_Vol_2_6_TextlessMORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE #6
Writer: Joe Keatinge
Artist: Valentine De Landro
Marvel Comics | comic | $2.99

Vampires, vampires, vampires–if it’s not zombies, then it’s vampires in movies, books, and comics. How do you a fresh take? Well, Morbius isĀ  a science fiction based vampire and not a supernatural one. Morbius is monster and mad scientist in one. He is a tortured soul looking for a cure.

Morbius was introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #101 and has continued to be linked to Spider-Man throughout the years. Before his Marvel Now series, he was reintroduced as a secret member of Horizon Labs where Peter Parker was employed. In this issue, Morbius goes back to Horizon for a cure. Superior Spider-Man/Doc Ock still works there, and it’s always interesting when Ock encounters a character who already knows Spidey in his old form. Will Morbius get wrapped up in Doc Ock’s schemes (see recent issues of Superior Spider-Man) or will the Living Vampire realize that this isn’t the real Pete?

* Morbius has laid low long enough. After the Battle of Brownsville, he escapes to Manhattan, to Horizon Labs, to finally cure his vampirism.
* But he’s not aware Horizon’s not the same as it once was — it’s different, it’s better, it’s SUPERIOR.


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