From The Booth: Ken’s Getting Married!


Sorry, ladies, but yet another eligible catch has been officially taken off the market.  Co- host Ken has announced planned nuptials with long-time girl-pal Lyss, striking a Thor-like hammer blow to the local singles market.  Nevertheless, you can always drown your lonely feelings in a sea of comics!  This week is a return to relative normalcy after a streak of awesome creator interviews (check out the last 4 podcasts if you haven’t already), and we make up for the lull with a ton of awesome reviews, previews, and nerd news!  Does “X” mark the spot with the return of Dark Horse’s masked vigilante?  Is Marvel Now! yesterday’s news?  WTF is up with these fold-out covers from DC?  Did Warner Bros. just drop a grenade in the room with Tuesday’s new trailer, after a long lack of marketing for Man Of Steel?  Is that Orphan Black show on BBC America any good?  And what awesome spectacle awaits CBH customers on Free Comic Book Day?  Find out in this week’s episode!


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