From The Booth: Caffeine!

This week was a flurry of activity as our collective caffeine addiction took over and of course we re-built the old sound setup with audiophile grade mics re-vamped our facebook page with links to the show gathered about 2000 new “likes” still managed to bring you the podcast where we sample various energy drinks and caffeinated beverages anecdotally and along the way answer pertinent questions such as is cola good for podcasting and do cold energy drinks taste any better than warm and can you read comics and not be a caffeine addict and if Death’s Head steals the Red Skull’s brain with the Xavier implant is it a two-for-one deal and why the hell won’t  Onslaught stay in the 90’s where he belongs did I pause just now doesn’t matter we got reviews and previews and just what the hell is Ultron 52 up to and oh buy Valiant books or whatever.   LISTEN (this is the link you want I swear).

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